Short Stories

  • Snake Oil – by Bob Corpening

    The Salesman stood atop a hill, watching the sun rise over the quaint village below, roosters crowing at the approaching dawn. Within hours it would be bustling like a busy bee hive, of course. He slipped his trusty old flute back into his waistband and watched the grass ripple down the hill, towards the village.… Read more

  • New flash fiction podcast, Writer’s Block, available now!

    Excited to say the first official episode of my flash fiction podcast, Writer’s Block, is now available on Spotify! I’ll be releasing new episodes every Sunday for the next few weeks, with a couple of special bonus episodes planned as well. Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy! You can find the episode… Read more

  • Infinity… and Beyond – by Bob Corpening

                 Jaspers’ comms link buzzed obnoxiously, a bright red link blinking inside her helmet. “Will he never just leave me alone?” she muttered to herself, switching on the link. The airlock door slid shut, leaving her alone in the vast emptiness of space. It was almost peaceful.              The audio link crackled to life, static… Read more

  • Goosebumps – by Bob Corpening

    Aiden ran his fingers gently across his bracelet, the familiar braille words pressing reassuringly into his skin. Be safe. The last thing she’d ever given him, when he came to visit on that final day. Be safe. It made him happy, that simple little thing. To know that, in her final days, all his grandma… Read more

  • The Northern Model (Teaser) – by Bob Corpening

      “You got everything, Wilson?” Wilson swung his arms wide, like a bird taking flight, then brought them down in a firm pat against his pockets. “Looks that way. Thanks for looking out for me, Warden. Give the boys my regards.” “Oh!” the warden exclaimed. “Before I forget.” The warden slipped a stuffed envelope into… Read more

  • A Review of The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger by Stephen King

    I got into Stephen King a few years back with a memoir of his, On Writing, and a collection of short stories called Bazaar of Bad Dreams. King is one of the most successful authors of all time, and as a still-forming horror writer myself, I figured I really needed to study his works. The… Read more