Final episode of Writer’s Block, Cahokia, is live now! I've just uploaded the final episode of my first podcast series, Writer's Block! Listen to it here for Spotify or here for Apple Podcasts! A brief thank you to all my listeners; the series has over 100 plays now, which to me seems kind of hard to believe. I'm thrilled and honored to share … Continue reading Final episode of Writer’s Block, Cahokia, is live now!

Ticket to Ride – by Bob Corpening Richard Banks sat alone in the chill night air, waiting for the bus. The seat was cold underneath him, but he didn’t seem to care. He wasn’t sure why, it just didn’t matter to him right then. Nothing did. The bus stop was located squarely atop the tallest mountain in Caldera County, and usually … Continue reading Ticket to Ride – by Bob Corpening

Moonstruck – by Bob Corpening “Kelie! Come quick, you’re gonna miss it!” “I’m comin’, I’m comin’,” Kelie said, slipping onto the porch, a tall glass of sweet tea in each hand. Ice clinked against the glass, its rustling unnoticed in the stupor of that hot summer night. “Getcher butt over here, doll,” Brayden said, thumping the patio step next … Continue reading Moonstruck – by Bob Corpening

Snake Oil – by Bob Corpening The Salesman stood atop a hill, watching the sun rise over the quaint village below, roosters crowing at the approaching dawn. Within hours it would be bustling like a busy bee hive, of course. He slipped his trusty old flute back into his waistband and watched the grass ripple down the hill, towards the … Continue reading Snake Oil – by Bob Corpening

Infinity… and Beyond – by Bob Corpening              Jaspers’ comms link buzzed obnoxiously, a bright red link blinking inside her helmet. “Will he never just leave me alone?” she muttered to herself, switching on the link. The airlock door slid shut, leaving her alone in the vast emptiness of space. It was almost peaceful.              The audio link crackled to life, … Continue reading Infinity… and Beyond – by Bob Corpening

The Northern Model (Teaser) – by Bob Corpening

  “You got everything, Wilson?” Wilson swung his arms wide, like a bird taking flight, then brought them down in a firm pat against his pockets. “Looks that way. Thanks for looking out for me, Warden. Give the boys my regards.” “Oh!” the warden exclaimed. “Before I forget.” The warden slipped a stuffed envelope into … Continue reading The Northern Model (Teaser) – by Bob Corpening